Jin Ke Wang graduated from Ontario Art and Design University in 2018 with a BFA in Illustration. Now is a  Toronto based illustrator.          


From perplexed personal emotion and going through both illusory and real circumstances, the work depicts the undetectable relationships between God and man, reality and society, and finally, the realm of spirit and our world. It poetically illustrates these elements of yin, yang, man and God in an epic way, and places them in the many different layers of our lives. These layers are folded on top of one and other, creating various forms and appearances to accentuate the sense of drama and illusion.

 I wish to create something that is sacred, so that I can use it to reflect on the relationship between of own predicament and the existence of the spiritual realm. These kind images will transform the act of drawing into an expression of ideals and thought. And at the same time, returning the aspect of sacredness into drawing itself.


anti-utopia (part)  2016, 16"x24", analogy

anti-utopia (part)

2016, 16"x24", analogy

Looking at the concepts behind the renown Rorschach Inkblot test, we can understand that when a selection of random abstract shapes are put in front of an audience, what they see and interpret reflects the images in their own psyche. I hope for my work to really connect with the audience, thereby exploring the relationship between us and our imaginations.

It whispers on the notion that somethings will always stay the same no matter what has changed around it. This binary nature of the image demonstrates a complex connection between realities and memories, showing how certain circumstances could be amplified by what we remember, regardless of how accurate or imperfect our memory is. This recognition of both perpetuity and impermanence in regards to what we experience in reality through our own perceptions, represents a declaration for both our memories and our lives. 




- Art Calorie Multimedia Art Show & Mixer, 2014

- The Elastic Effect, 2015 

- The Body Electric-International Conference on Resident Education, 2016

-OCAD Chinese student association exhibition, 2019


- Creative Quarterly 43, 2016 

- Creative Quarterly 46, 2016 

- American Illustration 37, 2018

- Creative Quarterly 52, 2018

- Adobe Design Achievement Award, special designation, 2018

- Adobe Design Achievement Award, top talent, 2019

- Latin American Ilustración 8, 2019


- Wanderlust, Neon-Taste CD cover design, 2016

- Chi Huo Toronto Food map poster design, 2017

- RBC Amplify poster design, 2018

-Virtute innovation and art education Inc Mural design, 2018

-Toronto kids digital festival poster design, 2019

-17th Canadian international children art festival poster design, 2019

- Third Wave Coffee mural, 2019